Visual Arts

Explore Mill Creek's diverse and thought-provoking art installations.

This abstract art installation (pictured above) serves the dual purpose of beautifying the space and covering a former bus stop. It’s gorgeous among the changing seasonal colors. The installation was created by Julie Berger in 2009 and is located in Mill Creek Town Center on Main Street.

An image of the Urban Wind Rider art installation“Urban Wind Rider”
This stunning steel sculpture of an abstract eagle in flight was created by David Govedare in 1991. Its location is in the midst of a natural garden at Mill Creek City Hall South, 15728 Main St.

This massive sculpture depicts a human-sized northern flicker perched on a giant branch. It was created by Ross Matteson in 2008 in memory of Roy Edwin Dunham and is located at 15704 Mill Creek Blvd.

An image of the Tamago art installationThis bronze, egg-shaped sculpture finds its home in Heron Park. It was created in 1994 by Gerard Tsutakawa, an accomplished sculptor who has completed numerous monumental corporate, institutional and state commissions throughout the Northwest and Japan. It's located at 2701 155th St. SE.

“Children at Play”
See the active lifestyles of Mill Creek jump out through this brick mural created by Mara Smith in 2005. The mural, installed on the side of the concession stand at Mill Creek Sports Park, depicts youth engaged in various sporting activities and is located at 13903 North Creek Drive.

“Mill Creek City Hall Mural”
This 15-inch-deep layered wood sculpture depicts the earth strata and symbolizes the natural beauty of Mill Creek as it graces the City Hall Council Chambers. The concept and woodworking was installed by local artisan Dick Fichter in 1991; the birds were created by Jim Pritchard; and the paint was applied by Darrell Harlow. See it at City Hall South Council Chambers, located at 15728 Main St.

“Veterans Monument”
An image of Veterans MonumentSix basalt columns are engraved with hundreds of names of men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The columns stand at attention next to a flagpole centerpiece, surrounded by native plantings in red, white, and blue colors. The monument was designed by Mill Creek garden designer Jessi Bloom, owner of Northwest Bloom Ecological Landscape, together with the Mill Creek Art and Beautification Board. It's located at Library Park, 15429 Bothell-Everett Hwy.