Family Health and Fitness Day

National Family Health and Fitness Day on June 8, 2019
Posted on 05/30/2019
Image of three kids playing outsideNational Family Health and Fitness Day on June 8 promotes the importance of parks and outdoor recreation in keeping communities healthy and active. The City of Mill Creek’s recreation staff provides the following tips to help people get outside and take advantage of the City’s natural playgrounds that are available for the physical and mental well-being of families.

Take a post-dinner walk as a family on the Nickel Creek Park Trails.
It’s recommended that children receive 60 minutes of physical activity every day. These meandering trails should do the trick.

Outdoor twister at Mill Creek Sports Park. Yes, the new turf is wonderful for soccer and baseball. But a rowdy game of twister is equally as exciting when played on an outdoor field.

Bubbles are always a good idea. Take a soapy bucket and multiple bubble wands to Heron Park.

Pack a picnic and eat dinner outdoors. Food just tastes better when it’s eaten outside on a picnic blanket. Need some healthy finds? Shop the Mill Creek Farmer’s Market starting on the evening of Tuesday, June 18. Or explore one of Mill Creek’s great local grocers for fresh options.

Go for a run. Start training for Run with Heart by conquering your nearest park versus pounding the treadmill. Register online at

Discover Geocaching in Mill Creek.
It’s a scavenger hunt that kids, adults and their four-legged friends will enjoy. Learn more about how it works by going to

Participate in the Mill Creek Selfie Trail.
Technology is often the culprit that keeps people indoors glued to a screen, but Mill Creek has a great outdoor option that is enhanced by technology! Take a selfie at 10 Mill Creek landmarks, post on Instagram with hashtag #cityofmillcreek, and then create a scrapbook to store favorite shots. View the trail online or print a downloadable map at

Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Search for a bird feather, an animal track, or a uniquely shaped rock. It’s pretty amazing what people can find when they take a look around.

Take a walk by night.
Grab a flashlight and see what critters come out to play in City parks when the moon and stars are shining.

Enroll in Mill Creek Recreation programming and get active. Celebrating your family’s health and fitness doesn’t need to be confined to June 8. Learn about upcoming classes and enroll today at